The Association of Ontario Midwives

The Association of Ontario Midwives

Testing and prescribing

Midwives offer the same routine tests as other maternity care providers (Family Doctors, Obstetricians), such as:

  • blood tests
  • urine tests
  • genetic screening
  • ultrasound
  • gestational diabetes screening and testing
  • PAP testing
  • swabs for sexually transmitted infections
  • GBS testing

Your midwife will talk with you about what each test looks for, how it is performed, possible advantages and disadvantages, and any risks involved. This information will help you make decisions about what tests are right for you. Depending on your individual health, your midwife may also make recommendations about each test.

Some tests are performed in the clinic and others may take place at a hospital or medical lab in your community. Test results are sent to your midwife, and she will discuss them fully with you.

Midwives can prescribe certain drugs related to your care such as medication to treat morning sickness, or antibiotics to treat infections like GBS or mastitis. Midwives also bring drugs with them when attending home births, such as medications to control bleeding.