The Association of Ontario Midwives

The Association of Ontario Midwives

Greetings from the Executive Director

It’s been another busy and productive year for the AOM and Ontario midwives as we’ve worked together to advance our strategic objectives for the profession and maternal and newborn health in Ontario.
In collaboration with the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives, and with the support of Aboriginal stakeholders and leaders, including Chiefs of Ontario, the AOM successfully advocated for funding to increase access to Aboriginal midwifery in Aboriginal communities.

We also succeeded in securing government funding to cover lab, ultrasound and physician fees for midwifery clients without health insurance.

Midwives celebrated an important first victory in their pay equity application when they successfully won the right to have the entire application (representing 20 years of evidence) heard by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Midwives in their first five years of practice, midwives in late career and midwives trying to balance family responsibilities can face unique challenges. In 2014, midwives led focus groups and peer discussion to gain greater insight into the lives of midwives at all points of the career spectrum. The AOM will be using the recommendations to determine what supports are needed to ensure all midwives can optimize their contributions in the provision of health care.

I’d like to thank all our members for their hard work and ongoing commitment to midwifery and the clients and families that you care for each and every day (and night). I’d also like to acknowledge the many members who volunteer to support the work of the AOM, who serve either as a Board or committee member. A special thank you, as well, to our hard-working, highly dedicated staff who bring a unique expertise to the work of the association. Our accomplishments this year would not be possible without these member volunteers and staff.

We hope you enjoy this year’s annual report – formatted as a calendar. Each month is dedicated to a theme from our strategic plan and highlights accomplishments that showcase the progress that is being made in that area.

Together, midwives are transforming the health-care landscape in Ontario.

Kelly Stadelbauer
Executive Director