The Association of Ontario Midwives

The Association of Ontario Midwives

Ontario midwives: focused on social justice, equity and solidarity

Being your president for the past four years has been a privilege, a pleasure and an inspiration—particularly in 2015, when midwives created so much together and faced so much together. For me, some of the highlights of the past year include work on social justice and equity, two themes that are woven into the very fabric of our profession.
high-quality primary care we provide. We also continue to draw strength from the knowledge that a victory in our case could also have major positive repercussions for other workers who experience gender-based discrimination in their compensation.

Continuing to push for the equitable rollout of government funding that will enable Aboriginal midwives to provide care in their communities is one of the AOM board priorities of which I am most proud. Ensuring that all AOM publications use language and images that are gender inclusive and underscore the message that midwifery is welcoming to LGBTTQ families – and midwives who are members of the LGBTTQ community – was also a key focus in the past year. And midwives’ fight for pay equity reached a high-water mark for us in 2015, with the profession remaining united and strong in our application at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

I love being a midwife. In addition to speaking out for what’s right, fair and equitable for themselves, their clients and their communities, midwives are engaged in the important work of caring for families and bringing new lives into the world each and every day.

It was this sense of unity and solidarity among midwives that got both me and my fellow board members through some of our toughest times. When we were unsure about how to proceed with our case before the tribunal, we ultimately put our faith in you, our fellow midwives. And you did not let us down. We remain united and continue to demand that we be paid equitably for the I am now passing the torch to Elizabeth Brandeis, a wise and courageous leader who will confidently guide the association through the challenges and opportunities ahead. Thank you, midwives, for your support, your bravery and your hard work.

Lisa M. Weston
AOM President, 2012 - 2016