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Elizabeth Brandeis, Midwives Collective of Toronto


Cell: 416-568-4595

Pager: 416-380-6137


Cell first, then page. In clinic Wednesday & Thursday mornings.


Rebecca Carson, Family Midwifery Care of Guelph


Home: 519-829-4084

Cell: 519-830-6884


Email, home, then cell.

Genia Stephen, Generations Midwifery Care


Home: 613-342-0010

Cell: 613-246-6161

Call or text my cell in urgent situations. I check email frequently but please mark it urgent so it stands out.
Treasurer Jasmin Tecson, Sages-Femmes Rouge Valley Midwives 2020

Cell: 416-272-2332


Calling or emailing me, both go to my Blackberry.
Member at Large (elected) Sarilyn Zimmerman, Midwives Clinic of East York - Don Mills 2020
Home: 416-653-6473
Cell: 416-795-6473
Best way to contact is text my cell, next calling my cell (don’t leave voice message), next email and last resort home.
Member at Large Carol Couchie, K'Tigaaning Midwives 2019

Cell: (705) 303-9952


Member at Large Liz Fraser, Midwifery Collective of Ottawa 2019

Cell: (613) 862-7161



Member at Large


Kim Cloutier Holtz, Sages-Femmes Temiskaming Midwives 2019

Cell: 705 650 0605

Home: 705 672 3702


Member at Large Simone Rosenberg, Midwives Clinic of East York - Don Mills 2019

Home: (647) 907-7287


Member at Large (appointed) Melodie Smith, Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre 2020

Cell work: 519 317-7052

Cell personal: 519 718-1498


First email, then work cell text, then personal cell text
Member at Large (appointed) Bounmy Inthavong, Kawartha Community Midwives 2020

Cell: 519 505 0881


Member at Large 


Kim Cloutier-Holtz
Midwifery Collective of Essex County - Windsor Satellite
Member at Large Mandy Levencrown
Countryside Midwifery Services – Milverton