ESW Recertification: Toronto

September 20, 2019


Association of Ontario Midwives
365 Bloor Street East 
Unit 800
Toronto, ON
M4W 3L4

Event Type: ESW

Midwives are required to have specialized skills to deal with emergencies that occur at home and outside of the hospital. The AOM provides the most comprehensive and high-quality, CMO-certified course by and for midwives to stay current in these critical skills. Because many of the emergencies midwives are called upon to deal with are rare, practicing skills in a simulated environment via the Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) is vital and is an essential course required to maintain competence as per the College of Midwives of Ontario.

The AOM ESW is open to registered midwives, second attendants from Ontario, and midwives from other jurisdictions.

Access the ESW manual, exam and policies.

Don't forget! You can access the AOM PD Fund and have your registration fees covered.