Intersex Human Rights and Bodily Integrity

March 26, 2018

Presenters: Morgan Holmes & Mel Thompson

Event Type: Webinar

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

This webinar will introduce the new AOM statement, provide context for the reasons the AOM has taken this position, and provide an introduction to the activism and research that is relevant to the rights of Intersex people. We will hear from Morgan Holmes and Mel Thompson and their work in the Intersex community and human rights activism. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion, and a guide to references for further self-education.

Dr. Morgan Holmes, Full Professor in Sociology (WLU), holds  combined PhD in medical anthropology, bioethics and cultural theory. For over 25 years she has research the clinical culture of paediatric interventions imposed on infants and children with an intersex diagnosis. Recognized as a founder of both the contemporary intersex rights movement and the scholarly field of critical intersex studies, Morgan continues to research, teach and publish as an advocate for the autonomous development and protection of bodily integrity for infants and children with intersex diagnoses. 

Mel Thompson is a 46XX,46XY tetragametic chimera, and their sex markers include both male and female elements. Their individual differences of sex have never caused Mel any health problems until recently, as Mel is not ‘disordered,’ just middle-aged. But their recent difficulties finding credible, respectful health care as an intersex person are what catalyzed Mel to become an intersex activist. Mel’s two grown children were produced in the usual and expected way, without interventions or difficulty. Mel has worked in publishing, theatre and animal welfare.