Midwifery Research Symposium 2018

November 19, 2018


The 519

519 Church Street

Toronto, Ontario

Event Type: In Person

The AOM is excited to be hosting the Midwifery Research Sympsoium showcasing midwifery-led research initiatives currently taking place in Ontario. 

Refer to the agenda below for speakers and presentations. 


Time  Topic  Speaker 
8:30 AM Registration and continental breakfast   
9:00 AM Welcome, land acknowledgement and opening remarks  Beth Murray-Davis
9:10 AM Midwifery response to the ARRIVE trial 

Eileen Hutton

9:55 AM  Cultural safety at Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto: Indigenous and non-Indigenous client perspectives  Mackenzie Churchill 
10:10 AM Socio-demographic characteristics and clinical outcomes of people receiving inadequate prenatal care: A retrospective cohort study  Lisa Nussey 
10:25 AM  Break  
10:40 AM Access to midwifery care for people of low socio-economic status in Ontario: a qualitative study  Liz Darling 
10:55 AM  Midwifery client experiences of hyperbilirubinemia screening, diagnosis, and management in Ontario  Fadume Gure 
11:10 AM  McMaster Midwifery Research Centre  Eileen Hutton 
11:55 AM  Lunch  
1:00 PM Lightning Round Sessions   
  Interprofessional perinatal simulation as a teach tool for trainees in obstetrics and midwifery: A pilot project  Lauren Columbus 
  A study to understand why an upright position such a s squatting has the potential to facilitate delivery Andrea Hemmerich 
  Optimal timing and number of postpartum contacts: a systematic review  Rachel Warren 
  Are there differences in counselling practices between antenatal health care providers regarding gestational weight gain? Beth Murray-Davis 
1:35 PM

Keynote presentation:

Substance use in pregnancy and the 3 R's: Research, Responsibility, and Community Resilience 

Jay MacGillivray 
2:20 PM 

Keynote presentation:

Reduced prevalence of small-for-gestational-age and preterm birth for women of low socioeconomic position 

Daphne McRae 
3:20 PM Refreshments and Networking Opportunity   
4:00 PM  End of day