Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Advancing the clinical and professional practice of Indigenous/Aboriginal and Registered midwives in Ontario.

Our Vision

Midwives leading reproductive, pregnancy, birth & newborn care across Ontario.

Our Values

  • Provide courageous, compassionate and principled leadership
  • Consider Indigenous issues and social justice in all decision making
  • Promote and support the restoration and renewal of Indigenous midwifery
  • Promote, safeguard and support normal birth
  • Advocate for members' rights that promote long term career satisfaction
  • Create systems and tools that uphold equity within the midwifery profession, in relationship to clients & within the health care system
  • Respect client dignity, autonomy, cultural safety and experience as central to decision making in midwifery care
  • Establish accessible, high quality and responsive services which meet the needs of the membership
  • Enhance the potential of midwifery to contribute to the well-being of society.