My Work is Incredibly Important


My name is Manavi Handa. I’m a midwife who has been practicing in the Greater Toronto Area for 18 years. As a midwife, I am very passionate about my job. I think it’s a vocation, much like many people in healthcare.

I work with marginalized populations especially refugees and new immigrants. People who are leaving war, trauma, have come from terrible situations that are trying to find a new life in Canada and that work is really important. These are people who are marginalized don’t always speak the language of our healthcare system. So for me to be able to do that work and to do it well and help these people navigate the healthcare system especially when they’re pregnant, is incredibly important.

All the people who believe in midwifery, all the people who want babies to be born healthy, all the people who think women and pregnant people should have choices in their healthcare, they have to step up and support us now.

We are long #overdue for this pay raise. It has to happen.