Resources for Midwives Developed by BORN Ontario

BORN Ontario has developed a number of resources to assist midwives in navigating the BORN Information System (BIS) and generating reports. Some of these resources are described below.

NEW! BIS perinatal enhancements (PDF, 905 KB)

This resource provides a breakdown of the new midwifery-relevant changes to the perinatal encounters in the BIS as of April 2021.

NEW! Enhancements to the BIS: midwifery-specific data elements (PDF, 554 KB)

This resource provides a breakdown of the new midwifery-specific data element changes in the BIS as of April 2021.

BORN Information System (BIS) reports for midwives (PDF, 878 KB)

This resource provides you with detailed information about how to run Clinical Reports and what they contain. Clinical reports help you monitor and analyze the care provided by individual midwives, and by your practice group as a whole. Clinical reports allow you to view and compare the maternal and infant outcomes at your practice with provincial midwifery averages. 

Active practice reports for midwives (PDF, 335 KB)

This resource provides instructions on how to run an Active Practice Report, which is submitted to the College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) every year. The report provides a tally of all births that a midwife has attended by location (home, hospital or other) and by primary and secondary midwife.

BIS quick guide to data quality management for midwives (PDF, 685 KB)

This resource provides a detailed walk-through for practice administrators on how to properly acknowledge your MPG's BORN data. Once data is acknowledged, clinical reports can be viewed with confidence. Your midwifery data can also be included in research/data requests from the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.

MIS access instructions for midwives (PDF, 479 KB)

NEW! This resources provides instructions for individual midwives to access the Midwifery Invoicing System (MIS) side of BORN. This affords enhanced visibility into what has been invoiced under your individual billing number in BORN, including courses of care, caseload variables and secondary care fees. 

Electronic Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) Resources for Midwives - Members Only

NEW! These resources provides instructions for how to correctly input data into the new HBHC encounter in the BIS.