VIDEO: Midwives Around the World are Undervalued


My name is Katrina Kilroy. I’m the president of the Canadian Association of Midwives. I’ve been a midwife for about 27 years working in rural and urban settings in Ontario.

There’s a World Health Organization study that shows that midwives across the world are undervalued, face discrimination in the workplace, etc, etc, so midwives across the world are watching to see what happens here.

I think it’s actually important to the whole society that we pay people fairly in these highly female-dominated professions. What does it mean to us as a society if we decide that this profession of women for women doesn’t deserve to be paid as equitably as other professions? What’s that say about us as a society?

It’s high time midwives were respected, were valued for the work they do and were paid fairly for the work that they do. Pay equity for midwives is long #overdue.