Beyond Fenugreek & Blessed Thistle: Insufficient Glandular Tissue and Chronic Low Milk Supply

June 24, 2019

Presenters: Becky Yurkowski, RM


This is an online event

Event Type: Webinar

Low milk supply can be a perplexing clinical situation to manage when clients are determined and dedicated to chestfeeding/breastfeeding, but despite best efforts, the milk supply doesn’t follow. Although relatively uncommon (estimated 4-5% incidence rates), it is hypothesized that rates of insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) are on the rise, rendering it an important clinical issue to understand. The theories and research behind this suggest that chemical pollution and insulin dysregulation are the primary causative factors contributing to insufficient glandular tissue. This presentation offers a backgrounder in chronic low milk supply caused by insufficient glandular tissue, updates on current research, and aims to increase your confidence in identifying and communicating a diagnosis of IGT. A brief introduction to a broader variety of galactagogues will also be provided.

Don't miss this webinar presented by midwife Becky Yurkowski as she discusses these topics and more regarding insufficient glandular tissue and low milk supply.