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Midwifery data matters

Imagine you are investigating the rates of vaginal deliveries for midwifery clients in Ontario. As a midwife, you may be interested in comparing your own individual statistics to the midwifery provincial average. Or, you may be conducting research aimed at improving birth outcomes. The BORN Information System (BIS) would be an excellent place to begin your data collection. But only if the relevant data has been acknowledged.

AOM's January 2019 – June 2020 Report

Our January 2019 – June 2020 Report summarizes milestones and achievements of the Association of Ontario Midwives over an 18-month period. Read it here. (PDF, 2.9 MB)

A champion for the people: honouring Elder Dorothy Wynne

*Image courtesy of Ontario Native Women's Association (ONWA) Elder Dorothy Wynne recently passed into the spirit world.  We humbly share this post in honour of her life and her tireless work on behalf of Indigenous people, including midwives, within this province.  This piece was or…

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Ontario midwives practice in clinics in 100 communities across Ontario, from Attawapiskat to Windsor, Belleville to Kenora. Approximately 15% of all births in the province are attended by midwives. You don't need a referral from a doctor to have a midwife, and midwifery care is covered by the health-care system.

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