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Making BORN data entry easier: Resources for midwives and improvements to the BIS

Good quality midwifery research and advancements in midwifery funding, policy and practice all begin with good quality data entry. To improve the ease of data entry for midwives, the AOM struck the AOM-BORN Knowledge Translation Task Force (BORN KT TF), an advisory group of midwives with expertise …

"It's the vindicating end of a long road, and the journey continues”: Midwives celebrate Ontario government’s decision not to appeal human rights win a third time

Following nine years of determined perseverance, Ontario midwives can truly savour their landmark human rights victory now that the Ministry of Health has confirmed they will not apply for a leave of appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Midwives have already won two previous appeals by the govern…

Midwives are key constituents – how to build bridges with your Member of Provincial Parliament

A Member of Provincial Parliament's (MPP) success and potential for re-election rests in how they perform and meet the needs of their voters. Midwives and their practices are critical constituents. They also provide health care for an important demographic – young families. Midwifery clients overwh…

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Ontario midwives practice in clinics in 100 communities across Ontario, from Attawapiskat to Windsor, Belleville to Kenora. Approximately 15% of all births in the province are attended by midwives. You don't need a referral from a doctor to have a midwife, and midwifery care is covered by the health-care system.

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