2016-17 AOM Board back left to right: Tracy Franklin, Genia Stephen, Anne Wilson, Esther Willms, Elizabeth Brandeis, Nicole Roach, Rebecca Carson. Front left to right: Disha Alam, Sarilyn Zimmerman, Kelly Graff, Jasmin Tecson.



The AOM is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors, all of whom are midwives. The board provides strategic guidance, financial oversight and contributes to the vision of midwives leading reproductive, pregnancy, birth & newborn care across Ontario.

The executive comprises four roles: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, each of which is a two-year term that can be renewed once.

There are two members at large who serve two-year terms. 

The remaining board members serve as regional coordinators representing the six AOM regions across Ontario. Regional coordinators serve for two years; the role can be renewed twice, for a maximum three terms of service.

Board members are elected by AOM voting members every spring. Terms officially begin and end at the AOM Annual General Meeting, held in May. Meetings are held five times per year: two in-person meetings at the AOM office; two teleconference meetings; and a multi-day, in-person intensive held every November just outside of Toronto. Board members are asked to be off call so they may attend all board meetings during the year.

The AOM is committed to ensuring that our board features representatives from the many diverse communities within our members. The board especially encourages Indigenous, racialized and queer-identified midwives to put their names forward in the spring to run for the board. We seek courageous and compassionate leaders who are able to engage in critical and visionary thinking. Contact Brigitte Balle for more information.

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