Home Birth Equipment

At a home birth, your midwife will provide labour, birth and early postpartum care in your home. Early postpartum care refers to the first two to four hours after the baby is born. (General postpartum care begins immediately after the birth of a baby and ends six weeks later.) Midwives bring much more than just equipment and medication to home births. They also bring their expertise and comfort with home birth to:

  • monitor and assess you and your baby during labour, birth and in the early hours after birth
  • help you safely deliver your baby
  • respond to any emergencies in the event they arise.

What’s in the bag?

The equipment and medications that midwives bring to home births are comparable to the equipment and medications available in a birth centre or hospital that provides Level I care during low risk births. For example, they bring sterile instruments to help deliver the baby, resuscitation equipment and medications to stop heavy bleeding after birth. A complete list of equipment and medications that midwives carry can be found on the College of Midwives of Ontario website.