Professional Development (PD) Fund

Practicing saline injections at a professional development event

Every AOM voting member who lives/practices in Ontario is eligible to claim up to $1200 a year for reimbursement for professional development activities. Members are also eligible for an additional $300 stipend for graduate studies. All professional development activities must be completed between April 1st, 2021 - March 31st, 2022.

The Professional Development (PD) fund is administered by the AOM through the support of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and is meant to reimburse professional development activities for midwives in order to enhance skill, knowledge, practice, and quality of care.


Midwife Application Form

Practice Application Form


How does the application process work?

PD Fund applications may be sent by, mail, fax or scanned and sent by email to, and must be received by midnight EST on March 31, 2022. We encourage members to submit applications throughout the year, immediately after completion of the educational activity. We highly recommend to initiate the process by submitting the Professional Development Fund application even if any of the supporting document is not yet available, and forward a copy of the supporting document(s) once received.  At that time, we will finalize the application and process eligible reimbursement.

Midwife application form

Practice application form

The PD Fund application takes four to eight weeks to process for reimbursement from the time the complete application package is received at the AOM. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will result in reimbursement delays.
The AOM will process the payment by direct deposit and a notification letter with information regarding the decision will be sent by email. Please note that rather than mailing out cheques, the reimbursement will be processed by direct deposit, if you have not provided your banking information please contact Souha Chaar at

Kindly note that issuing a cheque will be an option for payment, however it will result in longer processing time. If you have any questions regarding the direct deposit process please contact Souha Chaar at

What is a complete application package?

A complete application must include:

  • A completed and signed application form.
  • Proof of payment (receipts) that shows the applicant’s name, activity name and fee paid.
  • Proof of attendance/successful completion (e.g., transcript, certificate).
  • SIN for those completing a PD Fund package for the first time.

For fees and expenses paid in foreign currency, members are encouraged to submit a copy of their credit card statement demonstrating the exact amount they were charged in Canadian dollars. For auditing purposes, the statement must be in the name of the member. Alternatively, if no credit card statement is provided then the currency exchange will be calculated based on the rate published by the Bank of Canada on the day of the receipt.

How do I know if the event I attended is an eligible expense under the PD fund?

  • The PD activity (course/program/conference/workshop) must provide training and education that will support the development of midwives’ skills, knowledge, practice and quality of care.
  • Applicants must be voting members of the AOM at the time the activity is completed. Midwives who are not voting members of the AOM may claim for CPR, NRP, ESW or equivalent, as well as conferences hosted by the AOM, CAM or ICM, provided the activities took place in the three months immediately prior to becoming an AOM voting member.
  • Activities must be completed between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.
  • Applications must be received by fax, email or postmarked on or before March 31, 2022.
  • Members who travel ≥ 100 km one way from their home may be reimbursed for combined travel and accommodation costs. (See below re: travel and accommodation expenses.)
  • Professional development activities must be provided by a recognized education provider.
  • Applicants must be providing services and/or residing in Ontario during the grant year that the activity is completed.
  • Education offered outside of Ontario is eligible.

If you are still unsure if an educational activity is eligible for reimbursement you are welcome to contact the AOM to discuss eligibility prior to registering or completing the activity.

How do I know the event I attended was provided by a recognized education provider?

Professional development activities must be provided by a recognized educational provider that meet the following criteria:

a. A nationally, provincially or internationally recognized university or college; OR

b. A private career college that is registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities; OR

c. A LHIN or regional health authority, hospital or affiliate; OR

d. A professional association or regulatory body; OR

e. Has been given educational units/credits by a regulatory body or association;

f. For language lessons/courses: language teacher must be certified to teach according to provincial, national or international standards (e.g. Common European Framework for Languages) and learning must focus on language fluency for provision of health care

g. An expert in midwifery or in a field related to midwifery, as demonstrated by:

i. Published principal author of a book or peer reviewed article

ii. Academic appointment at a recognized / accredited educational institution

iii. Expert previously contracted by AOM to present at educational event; OR

h. A self-identified Indigenous midwife attending an educational activity related to Indigenous midwifery cultural learning and/or practice led by a recognized knowledge keeper, including but not limited to ceremonies, medicines, midwifery skills.

What kind of travel and accommodation expenses are covered?

Members who travel ≥ 100 km one way from their home may be reimbursed for combined travel and accommodation costs as follows:

  Within Ontario Within Canada Outside of Canada
All midwives are eligible for: Max 30% of cost of PD activity up to $300/event Max 50% of cost of PD activity up to $500/event Max 30% of cost of PD activity up to $750/event

Rural or northern subsidy:

Up to an additional $250
Remote subsidy: Up to an additional $400
Remote fly-in/ isolated community subsidy: Up to an additional $1000

Rural, remote and northern region supplements are provided in addition to the year’s maximum PD funding.

Midwives are expected to travel in the most cost-effective way.

Mileage will be verified using Google Maps and will be reimbursed without receipts at a rate of $0.45/km.

Car rental expenses incurred as part of travel are eligible for reimbursement within the limits available for travel expenses.

What type of expenses are NOT eligible for PD funding?

Social events, meals, textbooks, subscriptions, student fees, exam fees, membership fees, online courses that do not meet eligibility criteria and change of date fees are excluded.

What proof of completion does the AOM need?

  • Copies of a passing grade report and/or a transcript from the educational facility or printout from a student based web service
  • Course certificate or other proof of attendance for PD activity with name of midwife and course completion date

Proof of completion for AOM events is on file at the AOM and is not required.

What if I was not provided with proof of successful completion for the professional development activity?

Some PD activities do not issue documentation related to proof of successful completion or attendance. In lieu of this documentation, you must sign the declaration on the PD Fund application form certifying that you have successfully completed or fully attended the professional development activity.

What if the fee submitted is more than the amount available?

Members will be reimbursed up to the maximum allowed for the grant year and will be eligible for additional reimbursement at the end of the grant year should there be funds left over (round 2 funding).

Am I guaranteed PD reimbursement?

Funding is contingent upon meeting eligibility criteria, submitting a complete application package and is subject to availability of funds. Available PD funds in a given fiscal year are limited and subject to grant funding approval from the MOHLTC. Due to the finite pool of funding available within a fiscal year, midwives are not guaranteed PD funding. PD Fund applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If all funds available in a fiscal year have been disbursed, PD Fund applications will be informed that funding is no longer available. Any applications received after all available PD funds have been disbursed will not be processed.

Why do I have to provide my Social Insurance Number?

Reimbursement totalling more than $499 in each tax year (not including travel and accommodation) is considered a taxable benefit according to federal legislation. Your SIN must be provided to comply with federal and provincial income tax laws. If you do not intend to claim more than $499 during the tax year, you do not have to provide your SIN. If you have applied for the PD Fund before, your SIN is stored securely at the AOM and does not need to be resubmitted. All information provided to the AOM is kept confidential and adheres to the AOM Privacy Policy. If you have questions about submitting your income tax please speak to your personal financial advisor.

Can my practice pay for my activities and complete an application for reimbursement?

A different application form is required for midwifery practice groups (MPG) that make payments for PD activities on behalf of a midwife. If a practice has made the payment, the MPG PD Fund application form is filled out and signed by a practice partner. Payments will be issued to the practice and not to the midwife. Amounts reimbursed will be tracked per midwife to the maximum allowable amount.

Do I have to pay the fee when registering for an AOM event or can I indicate that I want to use my funding?

Funding may be used to attend AOM educational events such as the Annual Conference or an ESW; however, you will still be required to pay for the event when you register and then submit an application form to receive reimbursement after the activity is completed. Proof of completion and payment does not need to be submitted for AOM events.


Q: My AOM membership status is currently inactive. Am I eligible for the PD Fund?
A: Voting members are eligible for the PD Fund, whether their status is active or inactive.

I have questions! Who can I contact?

Contact Souha Chaar, Finance Administrator, Educational Programs and Membership.

AOM members can learn more about PD Fund rules and administration in the PD Fund Policy, found under Program Policies.