Webinar: Expanded Midwifery Care Models - Issues to Consider

June 22, 2018

Presenters: Adriel Weaver

Event Type: Webinar

Almost twenty five years have passed since midwifery first became a regulated profession in Ontario. Throughout the first quarter century of regulated midwifery, registered midwives have practised as independent contractors and been compensated per course of care. As the profession has evolved, there has been growing interest in exploring additional ways of organizing and compensating midwifery care. This webinar examines some of the implications of various expanded models of midwifery care, and provides practical guidance to midwives and midwifery practice groups who are actively considering alternatives.

Topics covered in this webinar will include the statutory framework, the employment relationship and midwifery model of care, questions to ask, and broader implications for the future of midwifery in Ontario.