The Association of Ontario Midwives

The Association of Ontario Midwives
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Welcome to Ontario Midwives

Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Ontario midwives are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care so services are free to clients. Give birth at a hospital or at home and receive safe, skilled care from your midwife.

Looking Closer President's Blog

Carol Cameron: Funding, attrition and preserving the model of care

By treating midwives as independent contractors when compensation is being negotiated and as employees (the ministry restricts were midwives can practice and is the only means by which midwives can be paid), the ministry has found a convenient way to argue it has no responsibility for providing pay equity adjustments. The ministry has created a Catch-22 that leaves midwives facing burdens of being employees, without the protections.

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