About the Hyperbilirubinemia Work Group

The Hyperbilirubinemia Work Group manages the development of the AOM CPG on midwifery management of hyperbilirubinemia. The work group's mandate is to produce evidence- and values-based CPGs that are consistent with the midwifery model of care.

Work group members include: Liz Darling, RM (Chair); Elisabeth Boulanger, RM; Elizabeth Cates, RM; Marie-Pierre Tendland-Frenette, RM; Emma Graham, RM; Ashley Keen, RM; Caitlin MacLennan Penman, RM; Tia Sarkar, RM; Dianne Smith, RM; Lori Steele, RM; Genia Stephen, RM; Dana Wilson-Li, RM; Laura Wood, RM