Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021

Goal: The restoration and renewal of Indigenous/Aboriginal Midwifery
Objective 1: Implement the recommendations  of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada by working to increase access to midwifery care in Indigenous communities that is close to home and rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and doing, and by working in close collaboration with Indigenous leaders, communities and stakeholders. Objective 2: Support the success of Aboriginal midwifery where it exists and develop capacity for new midwifery services in communities that currently lack midwifery. Objective 3: Implement the recommendations of the TRC inside the AOM organization, with a focus on making organizational change to enable increased Indigenous leadership and collaboration.


Goal: Equity and justice for racialized midwives and marginalized communities, and
promotion of anti-racism and anti-oppression at the individual and institutional level,
within the AOM and across the profession
Objective 1: Address racial disparities within the profession, including throughout the pathway of a midwife’s career, creating conditions which allow equitable distribution of opportunities in all aspects of midwifery, particularly in opportunities to attain leadership roles. Objective 2: Promote racial justice and implement initiatives that will lead to meaningful, long-term, individual and organizational change within the AOM and in the profession, including representation at all levels of governance and leadership. Objective 3: Vigorously and consistently support midwives to identify and dismantle racism and other forms of systemic oppression including, anti-Black racism, white supremacy, white privilege and white fragility, to challenge normative behaviours and processes and level the racial power imbalance in midwifery.


Goal: Flexibility to provide sustainable care & innovation to meet the diverse needs of
communities & midwives

Objective 1: Secure flexibility in the provision of health services that midwives can provide, including informing criteria for the development of new models or services, securing funding mechanisms, supporting the appropriate compensation of midwives working in new ways, supporting the success of new models or services, and supporting evaluation and the application of learning to future innovations. Objective 2: Increase advocacy to expand midwifery scope of practice and decrease the legislative and regulatory limitations allowing midwives to diversify the type of health services they are able to provide to meet community need. Objective 3: Expand out of hospital birth and support Ontarians to make this choice.


Goal: A strong, equitable, integrated & valued midwifery profession
Objective 1: Increase the understanding and valuing of midwifery work that is free from systemic gender (and intersecting)-bias and increase midwifery leadership and contributions in the health care system; and improve understanding of midwifery by health care providers and the public. Objective 2: Increase the number of midwives who can maintain primary care and are able to access privileges to meet community need and demand for midwifery care. Objective 3: Vigorously and persistently support excellence and professional ethics in practice management, and in mentoring, nurturing and leveraging midwives across the career spectrum.


Goal: Advancement of client-centred midwifery clinical excellence
Objective 1: Expand capacity and opportunities for the creation of midwifery research, of knowledge translation, and of collection and use of data in support of the advancement of midwifery. Objective 2: Increase effective knowledge & skill acquisition and application and evaluation though the implementation of a knowledge translation and a technology strategy.