Get Involved

Midwives raising hands at AOM conference 2015


Committees, Work Groups & Task Forces. This is one of the main ways midwives and midwifery students contribute to the life and direction of the AOM. Calls for volunteer members generally go out in the spring, around the time of the annual conference. Committees, work groups and task forces typically meet four times a year, though some meet more frequently. Terms can range from one to give years.

Member resolutions. Midwives can influence the direction of the AOM by bringing resolutions to the AOM's Annual General Meeting, typically held in May of each year. Although resolutions are not binding, they are an important way that members signal to the board areas in need of attention. Click here for more information about resolutions passed at past AGMs.

Regional meetings. The AOM is divided into six geographical regions; twice a year, a meeting is held of members who practice within each region. The AOM president, executive director and regional coordinators provide updates and solicit feedback about issues affecting midwives, including pay equity, hospital integration, work life balance and more. 

Social media. One of the easiest ways for members to engage with the AOM is to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. News, announcements and witty banter--we've got it all! And on Wednesdays, be sure to check your inbox for the Midwifery Memo so you don't miss out on event announcements, new resources and media roundups.

And don't forget, access to grants & funding is a key benefit exclusively available to members. All AOM members can access the professional development fund in order to support the tuition costs of a variety of educational opportunities. Midwife researchers are also able to apply for research funding support annually.