Bili-AOM: the Bili-Tool Resource for Midwives allows midwives to interpret newborn bilirubin levels based on Ontario-specific algorithms. The app plots newborn bilirubin levels on standardized treatment charts to guide appropriate management steps including the use of phototherapy, consultations for exchange transfusion and requirements for additional testing. The app also includes a weight-loss calculator and links to additional AOM resources.

The COVID-19 app provides information specific to midwifery practice and midwifery client care in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The content in the app is continuously monitored and updated as new evidence emerges. 

Having trouble downloading the android version? Watch this video for instructions.


ESW Mobile App offers easy access to information contained in the Emergency Skills Workshop Manual published by the Association of Ontario Midwives. Users can access step-by-step instructions for management of obstetric emergencies; documentation guidance; and helpful resources including instructional videos, 'how-to' instructions for hands-on clinical skills, equipment lists, algorithms, tables and diagrams to aid in emergency management.

This app offers easy access to select content from the Association of Ontario Midwives' Updated Clinical Practice Guideline on Group B Streptococcus: Antepartum, Intrapartum and Postpartum Management of Group B Streptococcus (2022). 


This app offers easy access to some of the most essential content of the Association of Ontario Midwives' Clinical Practice Guideline No. 15: Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (2012).


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This app puts the Professional Development (PD) Fund right at your fingertips. Use the app to electronically submit a PD claim for events and educational programming on the go. Enjoy expedited claim processing, check on the status of your claim, access your claim history and review PD Fund policy requirements all on your mobile device. Submitting your PD Fund application has never been so easy! See how it works in this short video.

This pharmacology app offers easy access to select basic information (pharmacology and action, uses, contraindications and cautions) of drugs commonly used by midwives, with a special focus on the designated drugs, along with common treatment algorithms and best practices for optimal medication prescribing.

VBAC Reference for Midwives offers easy access to research-based information on risks, benefits and other considerations relevant to a client's decisions around vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). This app is intended for use by Ontario midwives in facilitating informed choice discussions with clients who have a history of one or more previous low-segment caesarean section.