Midwifery by the Numbers

In 2024...

  1. Number of years midwifery has been a regulated health profession: 30

  2. Current number of Registered Midwives: 1,047

  3. Percentage of Ontario births taking place under midwifery care: 20%

  4. Number of midwifery practice groups (MPGs) in the province: 97

  5. Number of midwifery satellite clinics: 16

  6. Number of Indigenous midwifery practices: 9

  7. Number of Indigenous-identified midwife members of the AOM: 70

  8. Number of Expanded Midwifery Care Models (EMCMs): 22

  9. Number of communities where midwives provide care: >250

  10. Number of hospitals where midwives have privileges: 92

  11. Number of community-based, midwifery-led birth centres in Ontario: 3

  12. Number of new midwives who graduate from the Midwifery Education Program (MEP) each year: 60+

Data sources: Association of Ontario Midwives and Better Outcomes Registry Network

BORN midwifery data infographic; see transcript below for more information.

View AOM's BORN infographic transcript.