Accessing Research in Clinical Practice

Knowing how to access research as a primary care provider is essential to providing informed choice and personal professional development and continuing education.

Preceptor Access to Research

When a midwife becomes a preceptor at McMaster or Toronto Metropolitan University, they can apply for an Adjunct Professorship in a 3 year renewable appointment that enables library access at that university. The midwife will receive a university employee number and may share library access with a practice group. Midwifery preceptors have, through the university library or through their hospital librarian, access to journal articles and health care system databases, such as NICE, TRIP, Health Systems Evidence, Cochrane, Medline, Embase, PubMed, and CINAHL.

University Contact

Kelly Edge, Placement Coordinator

905-525-9140 x21479

Toronto Metropolitan University

Cecilia Kong, Student Affairs Administrator

416-979-5104 x7638


Where to Access Research

Access to full-text articles is ideal, however in cases where only an abstract is available you may consider reaching our to the author to request a copy with an explanation of use. The resources below include options for midwives that are both available at a cost or are open source materials.

Open Source Resources

  1. Association of Ontario Midwives
  2. Cochrane Library
    • Select plain language summaries and full reviews for free
  3. Guideline Databases
  4. Google/Google Scholar

Subscription Resources

  1. Up to Date
    • One Year Professional Subscription: $519 USD + tax
    • Group of 2-5 First-time Subscribers for One Year: $489 USD + tax per person
    • Group of 6-10 Professional Subscribers for One Year: $469 USD + tax per person
  2. DynaMed Plus
    • One Year Professional Subscription: $ 199.95 USD + tax