Racial Equity Committee

The Racial Equity Committee provides guidance, recommendations and support to the Board on the AOM’s ongoing work to improve racial equity in midwifery. The Committee will aim to act as a voice for racialized midwives through diverse representation on the Committee and through ongoing engagement with racialized midwives of diverse experiences. The Committee will work to explore historic and contemporary, systemic and interpersonal racial discrimination, inequity and oppression that racialized midwives face within the midwifery profession and beyond. However, the Committee does not have sole responsibility to address the issues that it identifies. The AOM Board, staff and membership recognize the broader ownership that it must take in resolving racial inequities. 

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The following midwives and students are members of the Racial Equity Committee:

Allison Virtue, RM

Ashley Jagga, RM

Bounmy Inthavong, RM

Kelly Cameron, Student

Maha Maryam-Killoran, NR

Manavi Handa, RM

Nabal Kanaan, RM

Nicole Waithe, RM

Sarah Aboukarr, RM

Shezeen Suleman, RM

Trish Langley Frempong, RM

Trudy Penny, Student