Safe Access to Abortion Care

November 15, 2017

Midwives support clients’ right to choose and recognize that reproductive health care – which includes access to legal, safe abortion care – is an integral part of people’s health.

This fall, the Ministry of Health announced the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017, which, if passed, would create safe access zones around clinics and facilities that offer abortion services, as well as the homes and offices of health professionals and staff who provide these services this legislation is an important step in protecting care providers who provide choice.

The AOM participated in consultations with the Ministry of the Attorney General during the Act’s development and, although midwives are not currently listed in the Act, the ministry recognized that other care providers, including midwives, could be providing abortion services in the future. It has therefore created a clause that allows new providers to be added without cabinet approval.

Midwives have expressed interest in providing abortion services in Ontario, but are currently unable to provide medical abortion services as they do not have the authority to prescribe Mifegymiso at this time. The College of Midwives is requesting prescribing rights to this drug in their upcoming submission to the ministry. 

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