Staff Directory





Juana Berinstein Interim Executive Director 2230
Safia Seyed Executive Assistant 2234

Clinical Knowledge Translation

Tasha MacDonald Director, Clinical Knowledge Translation 2219
Alexa Minichiello Manager, Clinical Knowledge Translation 2242
Eileen Eloi Administrator 2303
Cindy Wye Content Developer 2223
Claire Carnegie Knowledge Translation & Research Specialist 2256
Megan Bobier Content Developer 2257
Natalie Hope Knowledge Translation & Research Specialist 2247
Pamela Lukas Content Developer 2255
Rachel Warren Knowledge Translation & Research Specialist 2237
Jessica Worosz Events & Program Coordinator 2267

Health-Care Equity, Quality and Human Rights

Feben Aseffa Director, Health-Care Equity, Quality and Human Rights 2264
Faduma Gure Manager, Health-Care Equity, Quality and Human Rights 2272
Lwam Mehari Policy Analyst, Health-Care Equity, Quality and Human Rights 2282
Denese Brown Events and Administrative Coordinator 2418

Human Resources & Finance

Nancy Chisholm Director, Human Resources & Operations 2258
Ingrid Wu Manager, Human Resources and Operations 2226
Amanda Amare Finance Officer, Educational Programs 2222
Frances Ng Finance & Accounting Assistant 2261
Haran Vasudev Bookkeeper 2221
Jaime Labadie-Fowler Receptionist 2000

Indigenous Midwifery

Ellen Blais Director, Indigenous Midwifery 2270
Leila Monib Manager, Indigenous Midwifery 2224
Pauline Matthews Administrator 2241
Tamara Cascagnette Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist 2240
Becky Holden Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery N/A
Carol Couchie Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery N/A
Jessica Danforth Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery N/A
Karen Lawford Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery N/A
Laya Bourguignon Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery N/A
Marla Monague Policy Analyst, Indigenous Midwifery 2300

Membership Services

Diana MacNab Manager, Membership Services 2232
Sharon Tonkin Membership Services Coordinator 2225

Policy & Communications

Juana Berinstein Director, Policy & Communications 2229
Christine Allen Manager, Policy & Communications 2227
Pauline Matthews Administrator 2241
Laura Da Rocha Senior Events Coordinator 2250
Anna Ianovskaia Policy Analyst 2236
Mary-K Dunn Policy Analyst 2243
Jacqueline St Bernard Hitz Digital Media & Communications Specialist 2238

Quality & Risk Management

Allyson Booth Director, Quality & Risk Management 2228
Cara Wilkie Manager, Quality & Risk Management 2246
Deborah Bonser Quality & Risk Management Specialist 2244
Melanie Hartzell Quality & Risk Management Specialist 2239
Julie Toole Quality & Risk Management Specialist 2266