Meet With Your MPP

There are lots of reasons why a midwife may want to meet with a local MPP:

  • the AOM is running a campaign and MPP education is a core component of the campaign
  • there's a local issue you're taking a stand on
  • you're new to the riding and want to discuss the important role that midwives play in the community

MPPs are interested in hearing from constituents and those who are actively involved in their ridings. By meeting with your local MPP, you will be demonstrating that midwives are active members of the community and front line health care providers. Building a good relationship with your MPP is good for you, your practice and midwifery in general.

Sometimes when the AOM runs campaigns, it's most effective for midwives to meet with MPPs during a specific campaign window. Outside of a campaign period, meeting with your MPPs any time they are available in their constituency (as opposed to being at work in Ottawa) is fine.

Unfortunately, a lot of MPPs are still unaware of the basics of midwifery and the role of government in funding, policy development, contract negotiations, etc. You may need to do a lot of basic education to help MPPs understand the work midwives do as front line health care providers. When a campaign is on, the AOM will provide you with a key messages sheet to help support your meeting.

To set up a meeting, find out what riding(s) your practice serves (your practice may serve more then one riding). In some cases, two practices may serve the same riding. If this is the case, you may be able to arrange a joint meeting, or you may make a strategic decision about which MPP to meet with. Contact the AOM policy department if you'd like any support.