Transcript: ESW 2023 Year in Review Infographic

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In 2023, the A-O-M expanded the E-S-W P-R-N (Emergency Skills Workshop On Demand) program to all midwives across the province, making E-S-W recertification more accessible.

Through E-S-W P-R-N, midwives request an E-S-W event in their community directly from an instructor. Almost two-thirds of midwives (62%) recertifying in the AOM’s E-S-W program in 2023, chose to recertify in their communities through E-S-W P-R-N.

E-S-W participation and E-S-W events

466 participants

124 events: 15 A-O-M-led E-S-Ws, 109 E-S-W P-R-Ns

“Overall excellent, comfortable, educational, respectful process from beginning to end…I am very proud of our E-S-W program.”

“I am very grateful that you listened to feedback and made E-S-W so accessible! Thank you!”

“Fantastic staying in my own community for E-S-W for the first time in 10 years.”

“Thank you for the care and attention put into this valuable program.”

E-S-W locations

A-O-M-led E-S-Ws: Mississauga: 2, Kitchener: 4, London: 2, Hamilton: 2, Toronto: 5

P-R-N locations: North: 19, East: 27, South East: 6, SC-TOR: 19, South West: 14, West: 24

External stakeholders

C-A-M members participants & instructors (English): 149

Ontario M-E-P students: 79

C-A-M members participants & instructors (French): 73

C-A-M M-E-P students: 23

E-S-W Connect

Did you know that the A-O-M has adapted E-S-W for northern, rural and/or remote hospitals? E-S-W Connect was developed to support interprofessional collaboration and knowledge exchange between midwives and interprofessional colleagues (such as nurses and physicians) in Northern, rural and/or remote communities across Ontario. Visit our webpage for more information on how to request E-S-W Connect for your hospital. 

Paramedic Emergency Skills Program (P-E-S-P)

P-E-S-P manual has been updated! The second edition of the popular P-E-S-P manual was released in 2023. Midwives are training paramedics across Ontario in out-of-hospital emergency childbirth skills. For more information about the program, visit the P-E-S-P F-A-Q.

The A-O-M is committed to providing the most comprehensive and high-quality emergency skills workshop by continuing to work towards a current, relevant, equitable and sustainable E-S-W program into the future.