ESW Connect

ESW Connect is an adaptation of the AOM's Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) program and was developed to support interprofessional collaboration and knowledge exchange between midwives and interprofessional colleagues (such as nurses and physicians) in Northern, rural and/or remote communities across Ontario. 

Completion of the ESW Connect program provides participants with both theoretical knowledge and simulated practice to support the management of common emergencies during childbirth.

ESW Connect curriculum is based on the latest version of the AOM’s ESW manual, which includes up-to-date research evidence and clinical expertise for the management of the following clinical situations: 

  1. Managing emergencies
  2. Postpartum hemorrhage
  3. Antepartum & intrapartum hemorrhage
  4. Shoulder dystocia
  5. Malpresentation & cord prolapse
  6. Unplanned breech birth
  7. Unplanned twin birth

Workshop components
Pre-workshop curriculum includes access to the latest version of the AOM’s ESW manual, an online eLearning course and multiple-choice self-assessment.   

The in-person workshop is a half-day training that engages participants in simulated scenarios where they learn and build confidence in the identification and management of obstetric emergencies through guided review, repetition, reflection and peer support. 

For additional information about the ESW Connect program, please contact Pamela Vazac for more details.