A midwife or midwifery practice group (MPG) wishing to request an ESW in a rural and/or remote location are asked to review the FAQ below. If eligibility requirements are met and you would like to request an ESW PRN, please fill out the ESW PRN request form.

To help plan for your event, follow the steps in the ESW PRN Planning Tool.

ESW PRN Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESW PRN?

ESW PRN was launched in 2018 to facilitate access to ESW re-certification for midwives and second attendants in rural and/or remote locations in Ontario. The day runs like a regular ESW.

In order to run an ESW PRN, the MPG must find a location in their community to host the workshop (e.g. at the clinic or in their hospital). MPGs who work with second attendants are encouraged to include them in the PRN workshop. AOM staff facilitate the organization of the ESW PRN (arranging for ESW instructors to attend, providing access to materials to run the workshop etc.), but are not on-site during the workshop.

What is the criteria to host an ESW PRN?

  • An MPG requesting an ESW PRN must be a designated rural and/or remote practice in Ontario. 
  • A minimum of 2 participants (not including instructors) are required.
  • A suitable venue, e.g. a midwifery clinic with the following criteria:
    • A room that will comfortably hold 4-5 people and ESW equipment, allowing enough space to perform the manoeuvres for the workshop.
    • For groups of 4-5 people, the room should ideally be [400 sq feet], have good ventilation (ideally with a window that can open) and allow for participants to be physically distant while not actively participating in the workshop scenarios.
    • A clinic room which fits the above criteria would be suitable to run the workshop.
  • An administrator/coordinator who is on-site on the day of the event to assist with set up and administrative tasks required for the event.
  • Equipment required for the workshop (AOM can facilitate with the acquisition of the equipment for the day, if needed).

Note: The AOM requires at least 3 weeks’ notice to facilitate an ESW PRN, due to the complex logistics of the program. ESW PRN requests may be declined or postponed if ESW instructors or AOM staff are not available on the proposed dates.

Who can attend an ESW PRN?

Note: the same eligibility requirements exist for ESW PRN and regular ESW

  • Registered midwives and Aboriginal/Indigenous midwives
  • Student midwives can attend if they have previously completed the ESW Basic (or equivalent).
  • Second attendants are eligible to participate in the ESW if they are registered health care providers (e.g. nurses, physicians, paramedics).
  • If a second attendant is not a registered health care provider and wishes to participate in the ESW, they must request permission to participate and provide additional information to AOM ESW staff.

For questions related to eligibility requirements, please email Laura Da Rocha.

How can I request an ESW PRN for my community?

A request form has been created for ESW PRN and can be found above. Please have the following information on hand when you complete the request form:

  • Name of the MPG hosting the event
  • Planned location for ESW PRN event
  • Contact person for the ESW PRN (e.g. practice administrator, midwife at the MPG)
  • Date(s) or date range requested for the ESW PRN
  • Whether equipment required to run the workshop is available and if not and which equipment is needed.
  • The number of expected participants who are midwives, second attendants or other (must meet eligibility requirements).
  • The names, contact info and designation (e.g. midwife, second attendant) of the expected participants.

If your request meets the criteria for ESW PRN, please click HERE to access the request form. 

An AOM staff member will contact you within 1-2 days of the form being submitted.

How can I register for an ESW PRN?

All participants listed in the online request form (and who meet the eligibility criteria to attend the ESW) will be sent a private registration link for the ESW PRN via email once a request has been made and approved.

What are the responsibilities of an MPG hosting an ESW PRN?

  1. Communicate with the AOM regarding equipment and supplies needed for the event (if any) - the FULL list of the required equipment, supplies and written materials with links to the printable documents can be found HERE
  2. Day of the event and after the event:
    • Ensure equipment and supplies are on-site, print the sign-in sheet and agenda.
    • Coordinate lunch for instructors and admin staff (the AOM reimburses up to $15 per person).
    • Ensure that the sign-in sheet is filled out by participants and instructors and emailed back to the AOM as soon as possible after the event. The sign in sheet confirms participant participation and is required for:
      • Certificates of completion to be sent to participants.
      • Payment to be sent to ESW instructors.
    • Return equipment to the AOM (if applicable).
    • Submit expenses to the AOM.

Summary of administrative role for host MPG

You can also refer to the ESW PRN Planning Tool to help with the planning process.


  • Identify a main contact person at the MPG to coordinate the MPG administrative tasks for the ESW PRN and to be the liaison with AOM staff.
  • Coordinate equipment and supplies with the AOM (if any).

Day of event


  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Print: sign-in sheet, agenda
  • Coordinate lunch for instructors


  • Return sign-in
  • Return equipment to AOM if applicable
  • Submit expenses if applicable

Am I required to find an ESW instructor for the event? 

In some cases, MPGs have already connected with an ESW instructor to teach at the ESW PRN. However if this is not the case the AOM will assist the MPG to find an ESW instructor for the event. 

Please note: When MPGs request ESW instructors for the event, the AOM must take into account a number of variables and therefore cannot always guarantee that the instructor you have requested will be assigned.

Which expenses are eligible for reimbursement at ESW PRNs?

If an ESW PRN is hosted at a midwifery practice group, the MPG will be reimbursed for the following expenses:

  • Shipping costs for equipment, if applicable (receipts must be submitted).
  • Lunch for instructors ($25 per person)
  • Expenses should be submitted to the AOM office within 7 days of the hosted event.

How can I view/access the ESW PRN agenda?

The agenda will depend on the number of instructors and participants per room at the event, either 3 per room (2 participants and 1 instructor) or 5 per room (3 participants and 2 instructors).

To access the checklist with the agendas - click HERE