ESW PRN Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ESW PRN?

ESW PRN refers to an ESW that is requested by an MPG or a midwife and is run on a smaller scale than AOM led ESWs. ESW Instructors facilitate the in-person workshop in the same format as an AOM led ESW, however AOM staff are not on-site during the workshop.

In order to run an ESW PRN, the midwife or MPG finds at least two participants and a location in their community to host the workshop (e.g. at the clinic or in their hospital). MPGs who work with second attendants are encouraged to include them in the PRN workshop. 

Who can attend an ESW PRN?

Note: the same eligibility requirements exist for ESW PRN and regular ESW

  • Registered midwives and Aboriginal/Indigenous midwives
  • Student midwives can attend if they have previously completed the ESW Basic (or equivalent).
  • Second attendants are eligible to participate in the ESW if they are registered health care providers (e.g. nurses, physicians, paramedics).
  • If a second attendant is not a registered health care provider and wishes to participate in the ESW, they must request permission to participate and provide additional information to AOM ESW staff.

For questions related to eligibility requirements, please email

What is the criteria to host an ESW PRN?

  • A minimum of two participants (not including instructors) are required. A maximum of three participants are permitted.
  • A suitable venue, e.g. a midwifery clinic with the following criteria:
    • A room that will comfortably hold 4-5 people and ESW equipment, allowing enough space to perform the manoeuvres for the workshop.
    • A table or a bed where an obstetric torso can be placed to act out the scenarios. 
  • Equipment required for the workshop (AOM can loan the equipment for the day, if requested):
    • One obstetric torso
    • Two babies (at least one soft)
    • Two placentas (at least one soft)
    • One infant bag and mask
    • One infant stethoscope

How can I request an ESW PRN?

A member identifies the need for ESW and contacts an instructor directly to arrange. If an ESW instructor is not known to them or is not available, the member can locate an ESW Instructor in their area using the ESW Instructor Search Map

Prior to contacting the instructor, it is recommended that you find at least one other participant for the ESW workshop. This will ensure that the ESW will be able to proceed as the minimum number of participants will have already been met.

Once contact is made with an available instructor, the date, time and location of the event must be arranged before the instructor can submit an event request to the AOM.

The ESW is then coordinated between the member and the instructor. The instructor requests the ESW through the AOM and ensures that all equipment and written materials are on-site on the day of the event.  

Choosing a date

ESW PRN requests should be made preferably three weeks from the request date of the workshop and no more than six months away. The request is received by the AOM, reviewed and, if approved, the AOM will provide notice of approval to the instructor within 1-2 business days.

We highly encourage members to recertify prior to September as there is very high demand for recertifications in that month and the AOM cannot guarantee that the request will be approved. 

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How can I register for an ESW PRN?

Members will be able to register for ESW PRNs in the same way they do now if the event is publicly posted on the AOM’s Upcoming ESW events page. 

If you have organized a PRN directly with an instructor, the registration link will be emailed to you by your instructor.  

If there is an ESW instructor at my MPG, can they recertify midwives at their practice? Is this a conflict?

ESW instructors can provide ESW recertification to their MPG colleagues if mutually agreed upon. The AOM does not consider this a “conflict.” 

ESW instructors take their teaching commitments very seriously and are held to high standards by the AOM. When teaching colleagues, ESW instructors must teach according to the roles and responsibilities outlined by the AOM, which includes a code of conduct. If a member would prefer an instructor external to their MPG, they can search for an instructor using the ESW Instructor Search Map. 

How can I view/access the ESW PRN agenda?

The agenda will depend on the number of instructors and participants per room at the event. The start time for the event may be different than the start time in the agenda.

  • 2:1 Agenda (two participants to one instructor)
  • 3:1 Agenda (three participants to one instructor, this agenda can also be used for a 3:2 ratio of three participants to two instructors)