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Midwives defend gender-based rights against government at the Ontario Court of Appeal

On November 10, 2021, the AOM’s legal team defended the decisions of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) and the Divisional Court of Ontario, which found government was responsible for gender-based discrimination in its compensation of midwives. 

Midwives call on Ford government to stop fighting pay equity in court and invest in closing gender wage gap instead

Media Release TORONTO: Midwives defend their right to pay equity on Nov. 10 as the Ford government appeals a decision made in favour of midwives, thi­­s time in the Ontario Court of Appeal. The government already lost an appeal in 2020 at Divisional Court. Through the appeal, government refuses to accept midwives are underpaid because their work is associated with women. This refusal jeopardizes the rights of midwives to be paid fairly.

Midwives share spotlight in CBC report of Ford's lost court cases

Media Release TORONTO, Sep. 15, 2021: AOM President calls on the Ford government to stop violating the Human Rights Code and withdraw their appeal. Ontario midwives have been listed in a CBC report cataloguing the many courtroom losses of the Ford government as public groups bring cases forward to uphold their rights. Many of the cases listed have been appealed by government.

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