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Making waves: Legal precedent set by Ontario midwives cited in 66 cases involving discrimination

When midwives took the provincial government to court in 2013 it was a last-straw effort, having exhausted all other options to work with government to hold them accountable for devaluing midwifery work due to its deep association with women. Without any guarantee that years of being underpaid woul…

Ellen Blais receives inaugural Layton Indigenous Leadership Award

Ellen Blais, Indigenous midwife and Director of Indigenous Midwifery at the Association of Ontario Midwives, receives the inaugural Layton Indigenous Leadership Award in recognition of championing the reclamation of Indigenous midwifery.

Recognizing Outstanding Midwifery Leaders: Liz Darling

After 14 years of engagement on numerous AOM committees, work groups and task forces, Dr. Liz Darling is taking a step back from active involvement in association work. During this time, Liz led and/or participated in several important projects that have been instrumental in the advancement of t…

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Ontario midwives practice in clinics in 100 communities across Ontario, from Attawapiskat to Windsor, Belleville to Kenora. Approximately 15% of all births in the province are attended by midwives. You don't need a referral from a doctor to have a midwife, and midwifery care is covered by the health-care system.

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