AOM's Emergency Skills Workshop 2021: Year in Review

February 22, 2022

Midwives are required to have specialized skills and training to deal with emergencies that occur at home and outside of the hospital. The AOM’s Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) is a comprehensive, high-quality, CMO-certified course, designed and taught by midwives, for midwives.

The ESW program had a busy 2021, recertifying a record 465 midwives despite having to cancel seven ESWs due to COVID lockdowns. AOM staff worked hard to ensure midwives could receive in-person training in emergency skills safely with measures and precautions (PDF, 788 KB) to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

See the ESW 2021 Year in Review Infographic below for a snapshot of 2021 ESW achievements.

“I would attend twice a year if I could. The practice is so valuable.”

ESW 2021 participant

7th ed. ESW manual and materials

The AOM released the 7th ed. ESW manual in November 2021, along with updated materials for instructors, an updated exam and an updated ESW app.

The ESW Work Group, made up of registered midwives with ESW instructor designation, was integral in providing guidance and direction to AOM staff regarding all updates to the ESW program, including the introduction of new clinical skills. The AOM is grateful for the time and diligent effort the work group dedicated to the ESW program. Their invaluable contributions have ensured the newest versions of our ESW products are high quality, clinically current and relevant to Ontario’s midwifery context.

Interested in learning more about the changes in the 7th ed. but not due to take an ESW yet? Download the updated ESW app to access a condensed version of this information!

ESW exam

Dedicated members of the ESW Work Group along with midwives on staff at the AOM received comprehensive training on best practice for creating multiple choice questions (MCQs) to improve the ESW exam. Over numerous meetings, an exam blueprint was created and every exam question was reviewed to ensure it met the principles of best practice for MCQs. The updated ESW exam launched in 2021. Work group members and AOM staff continue to review all feedback received on exam questions as an iterative process to ensure exam questions meet the highest standards.

2022 recertifications

The AOM acknowledges that September is a very busy time for midwives to access ESW recertification ahead of the October 1 CMO deadline. Due to this high demand, the AOM has increased the number of spots offered and encourages midwives to recertify earlier in the year whenever possible. Visit the AOM’s events page to register for an ESW.

ESW PRN (formerly knows as ESW On Demand)

Midwives in rural and/or remote settings can access ESW through the ESW PRN program. Through the PRN program, midwives can request an ESW in their community with the help of the AOM to plan and coordinate the workshop. For more information or to request an ESW PRN visit the ESW PRN webpage.

ESW 2021 infographic

Infographic depicting Emergency Skills Workshop stats from 2021, alt text link below.

View the AOM's ESW 2021 Year In Review infographic transcript