ESW On Demand

The ESW On Demand program was created to facilitate access to ESW re-certification for midwives in rural or remote locations.

MPGs wishing to request an ESW On Demand are asked to review the ESW On Demand Policy before filling in the ESW On Demand Request Form. Please note that ESW On Demand requests must be placed with a minimum of three weeks notice from the requested date, and must include submission of a completed ESW On Demand Request Form. Before submitting a request form, please review the eligibility requirements for participation below. On Demand request forms can be submitted to Laura Da Rocha.

Eligibility requirements to participate in the ESW recertification:

  • Registered midwives and Aboriginal/Indigenous midwives can attend the ESW
  • Student midwives can attend if they have previously completed the ESW Basic (or equivalent)
  • Second attendants are eligible for participation in the ESW if they are registered health care providers (nurses, physicians, paramedics).
  • If a second attendant who is not a registered health care provider wishes to participate in the ESW, they must request permission to participate and provide additional information to AOM ESW staff. For more information related to eligibility requirements, please email