Lightning Rounds

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Conference Program: Midwifery Lightning Rounds 

Come join your fellow midwives to learn more about nine midwifery-led projects in a 90-minute lightning round session! 

Envisioning midwifery futures: Innovative, expanded care

Presentation Title Speakers(s) Presentation Summary 
Midwifery-led medical abortion through Ontario's EMCM Rebecca Hautala Findings from this research inform client- and provider-centered midwifery-led abortion care and support reproductive justice.
Virtual Support, Real Impact: Innovations in Midwifery-Led Perinatal Mental Health Support:  Christine Sandor  This presentation will provide midwives will explore the pivotal role midwives have in promoting perinatal mental health for their clients and the broader community.
The impact of expanded midwifery care models on access to care and the quadruple aim:  Elizabeth Darling The study findings provide insight into how EMCMs have the potential to improve access to midwifery care services and contribute positively to the quadruple aim. 
Sustainable practice and care for all pregnancies Carmita Magnaye and Jenna Bly The learning and consensus reached on clinical management approaches that are consistent and evidence based for all patients experiencing T1 complications of pregnancy will be shared. 
Postpartum emergency department use following midwifery-model vs. obstetrics-model care:  a population-based cohort study using propensity score-based overlap weights Carla Sorbara  This research underscores the value of midwives by highlighting the way in which the care model protects clients from unnecessary emergency department visits.


Envisioning midwifery futures: Equity and belonging

Presentation  Speakers(s) Presentation Summary 
Hypervigilance: A constructivist grounded theory of the impact of racism on racialized midwives in Ontario Claire Ramlogan-Salanga This study provides insights into the stresses that racialized midwives face while working and presents recommendations to counter the impacts of racism.     
Preliminary Exploration of Early Induction Recommendations for South Asian Clients Minnie Quach This presentation focuses on health equity for a racialized group currently being targeted with early IOL intervention recommendations highlighting a need for race-based data in Ontario to tackle perinatal health inequities 
REDEFINE: Redefining reproduction and sexual health Beth Murray Davis This presentation will discuss the current research around gender-inclusive language. This will support the aim of sustainability within midwifery through encouraging safe(r) spaces for trans, queer, and 2-Spirit families and midwives alike.  
Collaborating with First Nations to look at BORN data Diane Simon  This presentation will describe the AOM's work to uphold First Nations data sovereignty and data governance by building relationships and entering into formal data sharing agreements with First Nations.