Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The purpose of this statement is to express the expectations for the AOM Board of Directors, Committees, Work Groups, Task Forces, and staff regarding equity and diversity within the Association, and to guide the work of the Board, Committees, Work Groups, volunteers, contractors, and staff with and on behalf of midwives.

The AOM recognizes the dignity and worth of every person and is committed to creating an environment that is safe, accessible, inclusive and respectful of members, Board members, staff, and the Ontario public.

The AOM recognizes that inequality is maintained by discrimination against and systemic marginalization of people based on the protected grounds identified by the Ontario Human Rights Code.1

The AOM is committed to ensuring that the work of the Association is free from discrimination and harassment. To this end, a specific Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy has been developed. 

This policy also serves as the AOM's statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

AOM Board members, Committee and Work Group members, volunteers, contractors and staff are expected to foster equity and inclusion and will:

  • Develop policies, protocols, programs and services that seek to eliminate systemic barriers and promote inclusion in every facet of our work
  • Ongoing periodic review of existing policies, protocols, programs and services to ensure they reflect the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Seek means by which to support and increase diversity within the Association Board, staff, committees and work groups, the profession of midwifery, and clients of midwifery care
  • Create opportunities for dialogue and self-reflection and support a continued commitment to social justice and anti-oppression principles
  • Create opportunities for dialogue and self-reflection and support a continued commitment to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada with respect to Indigenous people2
  • Seek out and apply the perspective of those who identify in equity seeking groups in recognition that they are integral to the processes of assessment and development of equity strategies in the work of the AOM
  • Respect and value everyone for their contribution, celebrating peoples' differences and providing equality of opportunities for all.

In all facets of AOM work and activities, the AOM Board and staff will, at a minimum, adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Approved by the AOM Board: November 2019