BORN Custom Data Requests

If the data you are looking for is not available in your clinical reports, you may be interested in submitting a custom data request

Midwives or midwifery practice groups can submit custom data requests for aggregated data for maternal or infant outcomes that are not included in standard clinical reports. Custom data requests also allow midwives to obtain information about birther or infant outcomes for individuals who are not midwifery clients.

Midwives requesting custom data are typically involved in midwifery research or policy analysis and are interested in obtaining data that will allow them to explore pre-determined research questions. Depending on the scale and scope of a custom data request, BORN may charge a fee to fulfil the request.

There are two basic options for customized data requests:

  • You may request aggregated, de-identified information; the fulfilled data request will be sent to you in a Microsoft Excel file.
  • You may request anonymized, individual (or “record-level”) data for analysis and research purposes; this type of request is best suited to researchers who have statistical expertise and access to statistical software.

As a prescribed registry under Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), BORN has policies in place that govern how data from its registry is used. The data request process ensures that the sensitive information contained within the BORN Information System is safeguarded and managed appropriately.

Individuals or groups interested in submitting a custom request for midwifery data are encouraged to contact their BORN Regional Coordinators for advice and assistance. Visit BORN Ontario's website for more information.