Exit Interviews

Conducting exit interviews with practice members who resign can give the practice a good understanding of its areas of strength and areas that can be improved. People leaving the practice may provide honest and interesting feedback that can help strengthen the practice by emphasizing positive attributes and increasing the understanding of areas that need improvement. An exit interview can be scheduled between the member leaving and the practice partners. Consider selecting one or more people who the individual is likely to feel comfortable talking openly with.

Exit interview questions can touch on the whole life cycle of the person’s experience with the practice. Exit interview topics can include:

  • Reasons the person has decided to leave the practice.
  • A review of the person’s experience with the recruitment process and why they joined the practice group initially.
  • A discussion of the person’s impressions of the orientation to the practice.
  • The departing member’s thoughts about the training and development opportunities at the practice.
  • A discussion on the person’s feelings about the practice partnership/leadership.
  • The departing member’s thoughts about the strengths of the practice and areas that need improvement.
  • Other comments the person feels are relevant to share with the partners of the practice.
  • It is not appropriate to ask a practice member who is being terminated (involuntary termination) to participate in an exit interview.

Sample protocol(s) submitted by midwifery practices are available on this topic (under Human Resources & General Office) for practices to download and adapt. Be sure to tailor the template to reflect current evidence, best practices and practice group / community specific information before use.