Purchasing New Registrant Equipment

Practices who apply for and receive a New Registrant position receive a grant of $7700 for the purchase of New Registrant equipment (see Schedule G-1 of the Funding Agreement).  Some practices expect the new midwife to buy their own equipment and submit receipts for reimbursement, while others purchase the equipment on behalf of the midwife.  

Once purchased, this equipment is yours!  So be deliberate in your purchasing decisions, take care of your equipment, and take it with you when your contract ends. 

Some additional considerations when purchasing your equipment:

1. Infection prevention and control (IPAC)

Thinking about how easy or difficult it will be to comply with provincial standards for cleaning, disinfection or sterilization before purchasing each item will save time, trouble and money in the long run. For detailed information about IPAC considerations, see the AOM's Equipment Purchasing Guide.

2. MPG standardized setup

Some midwifery practice groups may have standardized emergency equipment or bags for organizing emergency equipment as part of the practice's risk mitigation strategies. The Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) develops Risk Reference Sheets based on their vast database of healthcare liability and property claims to facilitate knowledge transfer about various areas of risk. The Risk Reference Sheet entitled Mismanagement of Neonatal Resuscitation includes the following risk mitigation strategy:

“...consider adopting standardized resuscitation and intubation carts or kits for all for all birth and postpartum locations to help ensure familiarity with the equipment, supplies, and setup by all teams”. (1)



1. Health Insurance Reciprocal of Canada. Mismanagement of Neonatal Resuscitation [Internet]. Canada: HIROC; 2023 [Retrieved 2024 January 10]. Available from: https://www.hiroc.com/resources/risk-reference-sheets/mismanagement-neonatal-resuscitation-0