Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) collects premiums from employers, which are pooled in a liability fund for distribution to workers who are injured or who develop diseases due to their employment. WSIB registration is not mandatory for midwifery practices, but can be opted into. The practice group can apply to have all workers covered. Coverage cannot be obtained for some in the practice and not others, if opting in, all workers at the practice must be registered.

Registering provides:

  • Greater protection from lawsuits, since in most cases workers entitled to claim WSIB benefits cannot sue in civil court.
  • Greater protection for workers, as workers can claim WSIB benefits for any workplace injury without litigation delays, extensive legal costs, or proving fault. Workers may also receive replacement income, reimbursement for health care costs, and help returning to work.
  • No-fault insurance, as the WSIB generally does not consider who is at fault when determining benefits. Although note that the WSIB’s New Experimental Experience Rating (NEER) Program generates premium refunds and surcharges based on an employer’s accident cost experience.
  • Prevention and training programs.

As of 2018, premium rates for midwifery practices are $0.73 per $100 of gross payroll to cover practice group employees. Midwifery practices are classified under Offices of Other Health Practitioners – Rate Group 875 and Classification Code 8669-000. To apply for employees, practices should submit an employer by application form 0090C. To apply for coverage for themselves, sole proprietors, practice partners, and contractors will additionally need to complete the optional insurance request/change” form 1574A. Practice groups that opt for coverage are required to post WSIB's In Case of Injury poster.

For more information about WSIB, read their posts on optional insurance, benefits enjoyed by employers, and benefits provided to workers.