Navigating the AOM & the CMO

Sometimes new midwives aren't sure where to address issues and concerns. Both organizations play important but different roles in the midwifery sector. But what does this really mean for a new midwife? Check out the examples below, and then take a look at the full list of the benefits of AOM membership.


Represents and advocates on behalf of Ontario midwives & promotes midwifery in Ontario Regulatory body serves to protect the interests of the public who use midwifery services
Publishes Clinical Practice Guidelines and other resources to support safe midwifery practice Sets the standards for safe practice that midwives must meet
Offers continuing education opportunities Sets out specific continuing education requirements for midwives
Provides support for safe practice, including the AOM On Call line for risk management concerns Discipline for unsafe practice
Doesn’t require member reports or practice data Requires midwives' Active Practice Requirements reports