CPG # 10: Management of the Uncomplicated Pregnancy Beyond 41+0 Weeks' Gestation (2021)

A review of the research literature for clients with uncomplicated pregnancies reaching 41+0 weeks’ gestation and beyond, and offers recommendations regarding management options.


Client Handout: When Your Pregnancy Goes Past your Due Date

A resource for clients considering their options if their pregnancy goes past their due date. This client resource is also available in six other languages.


Client Handout: In Due Time: Pregnancy Beyond 40 and Induction of Labour

A focused review of the research regarding induction of labour for clients who are age 40 and over. This client resource is also available in six other languages.


Risk Reference Sheet: Mismanagement of Informed Choice for Pregnancies 41+ Weeks Gestation (2018)

HIROC's Risk Reference Sheet on Postdates (2018) reviews themes from past incidents and opportunities to avoid similar incidents in the future.


Sample protocols, submitted by midwifery practices, are available on postdates for practices to download and adapt. Be sure to tailor the template to reflect current evidence, best practices and practice group / community specific info before use.