Postpartum Hemorrhage


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AOM CPG 17: Postpartum Hemorrhage

This CPG provides a review of the research on the prevention and management of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Definition and incidence, risk factors, prevention, treatment and recovery are all included.



CPG Summary: Postpartum Hemorrhage (2016)

This summary offers convenient access to some of the most essential content of the full clinical practice guideline. For a complete analysis of the research relevant to midwives’ management of PPH, along with citations, readers



Midwifery Client Experiences of Postpartum Hemorrhage

An overview of the findings of focus groups and an online survey exploring Ontario midwifery clients' experiences of PPH with a focus on meeting the emotional needs of clients who experience significant postpartum blood loss.



Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Childbearing Year: Diagnosis and Treatment

An overview of management approaches to iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy and postpartum.



UPDATED: Iron Supplements: A Guide for Midwives

A comparison of oral iron supplements; for use when discussing iron supplementation.



Client Resources:

Iron Deficiency and You. A resource for clients providing an overview of iron deficiency anemia, its effects on the person, and treatment options.

Life After Postpartum Hemorrhage. A resource for families following the experience of a postpartum hemorrhage exploring what to expect during one’s recovery (available in five additional languages).





Not What We Planned: Two Stories of Birth and Postpartum Hemorrhage.

This video for clients provides factual, evidence-based information about postpartum hemorrhage and midwifery care in Ontario.