Induction & Augmentation


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Midwifery Resource: Impacts of the ARRIVE Trial

This document is designed to support midwives in contextualizing the results of the ARRIVE trial when talking to clients and other health-care providers.





Pregnancy beyond 40: A Clinical Backgrounder for Midwives

An overview of select evidence related to key outcomes of interest to midwives caring for clients who are age 40 and older.




For Clients: In Due Time: Pregnancy Beyond 40 and Induction of Labour

A focused review of the research regarding induction of labour for clients who are age 40 and over. This client resource is also available in five other languages.


HIROC's risk reference sheet on induction and augmentation

HIROC's risk reference sheets address common concerns and incidents associated with inductions and augmentations.


Sample protocols, submitted by midwifery practices, are available on Induction and Augmentation for practices to download and adapt. Be sure to tailor the template to reflect current evidence, best practices and practice group / community specific info before use.

Other Resources

Safe Administration of Oxytocin

The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) has developed best practice recommendations for the safe administration of oxytocin used in augmentation and/or induction. 

Oxytocin to start or advance labour: 5 questions to ask

Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada's implementation guide is designed to support health care providers when talking to patients about the use of oxytocin to start or advance labour.

Oxytocin Infographic

This infographic summarizes key messages related to the use and management of oxytocin in labour induction and augmentation.