Infectious Diseases

Important Health Notices

The Ministry of Health relies on the AOM to disseminate ministry information to all AOM members during a health emergency such as an outbreak or pandemic. The AOM monitors outbreaks and alerts midwives as soon as possible with the relevant available information to assist in the next phase of planning and implementation for a specific outbreak:


The Ontario government has stated that during a pandemic, midwives’ role will be to continue to provide services to clients and to expand capacity for critical services. To support midwives in preparing for a pandemic, the AOM has developed a list of 12 discussion points.

Outbreaks and pandemics raise a number of ethical issues, including the duty to provide care, resource allocation when equipment and human resources are scarce, equity, and solidarity. The Joint Centre for Bioethics has issued the guidance document Stand on Guard for Thee.

The International Confederation of Midwives has a statement on the Role of the Midwife in Disaster/Emergency Preparedness.