Newborn OHIP eligibility

"Receiving a health card at birth is crucial for protecting the health of our youngest Ontarians. Not providing OHIP to eligible babies in a timely way can lead to delayed care, high costs for families and potentially adverse health outcomes for these children." - Wellesley Institute

An infant born in Ontario will be eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) if they are born in Ontario, to at least one parent/custodian who is a resident of Ontario and who will be staying in the province for 153 days in the following year. The parent/custodian does NOT need to have permanent resident immigration status in Canada for their baby to be eligible for OHIP; instead they need to live primarily in Ontario. For newborns who meet all three criteria, you can give the parent/custodian the Ontario Health Coverage Infant Registration (form 4440). The three-month OHIP wait period does not apply to infants. See this OHIP fact sheet.

An infant born in Ontario will always be eligible for OHIP if their parents are.

The Health Network for Uninsured Clients at the Wellesley Institute has developed some useful tools for care providers and hospital staff responsible for issuing the Ontario Health Coverage Infant Registration, including: 

OHIP determines residency by asking for documentation that contains an Ontario address (such as housing, employment, banking, or educational documents). If in doubt, you can write a letter confirming the birth and leave the determination of eligibility to OHIP. If your client requires more information, you can refer them to Service Ontario.

Read more about midwives' legal obligations regarding determining residency.