Diagnosis of Active Labour Task Force

The Diagnosis of Active Labour Clinical Practice Guideline Task Force (DAL CPG TF) will provide input and feedback on the development of a new AOM Clinical Practice Guideline on the topic of diagnosing active labour. This topic includes determining the appropriate diagnosis of active labour to improve client outcomes, along with examining strategies to help clients manage early labour and avoid unnecessary interventions. 

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  • Allie (Alexandria) Nickels
  • Bethany Galster
  • Beverly Langlois
  • Brittany-Lyne Carriere
  • Crystal Mocan 
  • Emily Roth (Task Force Chair)
  • Emily Viets
  • Emma Gleeson
  • Kaia Sloley
  • Kathleen Perecko
  • MacKenzie Macht
  • Maisha Ahmed
  • Maria Magdalena Castelli Lemez
  • Meriem Benlamri
  • Paula Salehi (Moghaddam)
  • Lise Hart