Negotiations Task Force

The purpose of the Negotiations Task Force is to provide guidance and support to the negotiations team in a timely manner on negotiations with the Ministry of Health to the board.

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The responsibilities and delegated powers of the task force include:

  • Extensive consultation with membership, which may include focus groups
  • Recommendations for negotiation priorities to the membership and the board
  • Recommendations to the negotiations team on overall negotiations strategy
  • Recommendations to the board on offers made by the government


Composition of the Negotiations Task Force:

  • Up to four board members, who are appointed by the board
  • Up to five representatives from relevant working groups or expert non-board members
  • AOM President
  • Executive Director
  • Director of Policy & Communications
  • Other staff as required by the executive director and director of policy and communications to support the task force’s work

A call will be circulated and the chair will select the non-board members with an eye to skills required and building capacity in the negotiations process. The chair of the task force must be a board member and will be chosen by the board.