Hospital Integration Award

The Hospital Integration Award recognizes an Ontario hospital that has demonstrated excellence in successfully integrating midwives into its organization.

Nomination Criteria:

Hospitals will be judged according to how well they meet the following criteria, drawn from the OHA’s Resource Manual for Sustaining Midwifery Services in Hospitals:

  1. There is an equitable and accessible process in place for granting midwifery privileges, adding new midwives to the hospital, and ensuring the number of midwifery births are responsive to community needs. (20 marks)
  2. Midwives work to their fullest possible scope and are valued as integrated members of the maternity care team. (30 marks)
  3. Midwives are involved in planning, policy development, and decision-making about perinatal care. (20 marks)
  4. A department-specific orientation program is in place for new maternity staff that includes information about midwives/midwifery. (10 marks)
  5. Departmental or divisional policies and protocols have been developed to help define roles and relationships between midwives and other perinatal care providers. (10 marks)
  6. A department or division of midwifery exists with a renumerated position for Chief or Head Midwife. (10 marks)

Nomination Process:

Current AOM members in good standing can nominate a hospital that meets the criteria for this award. To be considered, each nomination submission must include:

  • nominee information;
  • nominator information and seconder information;
  • an explanation of how the hospital meets the criteria for this award; and
  • (optional) additional information about the hospital that demonstrates how midwives have been integrated.

Nominations must be received by the AOM by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. All submitted materials will be reviewed by the AOM Awards Task Force. The task force will then recommend an award recipient to the Board of Directors, which will make the final selection. Awards will be presented at the Ontario Midwifery Conference in April 2021.

Nominations can be completed online or emailed to Diana MacNab.

Nominations must be received by the AOM by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 11, 2021.